The Wellness & Beauty Co is center of wellness and beauty, close enough to have frequent visits from our loyal guests.

• A Club Membership to give you access, discounts and extras to all the services we have on offer.

• An easy to navigate App to have access to all the services, treatments, classes and events we offer.

• Flexible Tenant Office Space for practitioners, therapists, coaches etc. in the health, wellness & beauty industry

• We market and promote all of our collaborators under the Wellness & Beauty Co umbrella and offer these services to our loyal guests

• Yoga / fitness Studio (YogaLink) on the premises

• A highly acclaimed day Spa with a Hair Salon and Nail Bar

• Workshop, Conference and Function Venue

• Wellness Café , Juice & Coffee Bar (catering for delicious take away options too )

• Event and Workshop Calendar: Sharing the best the industry has to offer in a fabulous setting.


"The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me”

 Ayn Rand

Some of the other services and activities to look forward to:

Gentle Detox programs we offer are based at the Centre and “take-away juice options” are available to continue with at home.

Wellness Workshops, Yoga Workshops, and Breathing Workshops

Meditation Workshops, Yoga Therapy, Private Lessons, Private Meditation Classes, Tai Chi Classes, Holistic Life Coaching, Emotional/Mental Healing Consultation, Remedial Yoga Therapy, Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching inspired by Ayurveda, Cooking Classes (Healthy and Vegetarian Classes), Detox Programs (Gentle Juice & Yoga Cleansing; 7 Day, 5 Day and Weekend Retreats)

Weight loss / Weight Management Clubs, Organic Gardening Workshops.



The Wellness & Beauty Centre was established with loving intention to create an environment of healing, health, wellness and personal growth, while looking and feeling absolutely gorgeous!


This is reflected in our motto: Happy, Healthy, Beautiful.


We are a center of collaboration, networking with a wide variety that we proudly showcase some of the best practitioners, service providers, healers, coaches, trainers and therapists in the industry.

We strive to offer not only a wide spectrum but also all-inclusive journeys to assist you to lead a full, healthy fulfilled life.


We are proud to be an open minded, non-judgmental and non-denomination company.


Beauty options – accessible to all with a longing heart to grow as an individual, be part of something great and to live a live with purpose.


We aim to remain the forerunner in Wellness in the mind/body milieu. Once you find us our goal is to provide all you need to find yourself. We make healthy people healthier!


We are her to assist you to find what you have been seeking.

Our wish for each guest is a life of health, fulfillment and peace of mind. We provide you with the platform of choice and variety to find the right combination to celebrate your uniqueness and the right people that speak to you.