To make your journey fall in with your day to day life, we make it easy, by incorporating all-inclusive memberships to guide you as well as technology at your fingertips so you can have access whenever you need to.



Some of the highlights:


  • Start-Up Goodie Bag,
  • Bring a Friend Yoga Voucher,
  • Wellness & Beauty Co water bottle,
  • Download Free App,
  • An App to make appointments and check availability, book a class or treatment
  • Part of The Wellness & Beauty Co Brand: Invitations, events, discounts and special offers monthly.
  • One Free Yoga Class on signing up
  • The Wellness & Beauty Co  - Branded Access Tag
  • Membership discounts at The Wellness & Beauty Co


Some of the highlights:


  • We market our associated partner’s business to the larger market.
  • A Concierge and Reception Area
  • Fresh Serviced Rooms
  • Security and Safe parking
  • Tea Garden, Juice Bar, meeting spaces available
  • Free Wi-Fi


To view the complete list of benefits, please download out handy guide here,

Pricing Guide

“I have chosen to be HAPPY because it is good for my health”


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