Flexible Wellness Business Options for Wellness Service providers,

A Wellness Center and Fitness Studio with an Array of Health & Wellness Practitioners.


Yoga & Fitness Studio

Beauty & Wellness Treatments

Conference Venue & Wellness Cafe

We are currently collaborating

with studios to establish a

flexible yoga community network. Contact Us if you are interested to collaborate with us

Looking to re-locate your business? We have permanent and flexi options available to practitioners, service providers and accredited professionals

in the wellness and beauty industry

We have a wonderful workshop space available with  fantastic healthy & fresh catering options. We can assist with various options to make your event a huge success.

“We are the masters of each moment” Paramahansa Yogananda

Our guests find us in many different ways.


Some by the delight in the voice of a friend who’s been to The Wellness & Beauty Co and now shares a life-affirming change, or a renewed commitment to health.

Some by the promise of nature’s beauty and restorative company during an easy garden stroll. Some by the call of their own body for movement, rest, renewal and refreshment.

Whatever voice compels you, whichever path brings you to our door, we offer an experience which has been carefully handpicked and designed to celebrate the uniqueness that is you.

Our passion is to serve our guests every day to see their comforts, needs and joy. Our highest goal is to assist you to be the very best version of yourself.

Our motto Happy, Healthy, Beautiful is our wish for our every guest arriving at our door.



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