Growing & Giving Back

The physical embodiment of our Centre's great energy lies in our Gardens. We feel a strong commitment to giving back to our community and therefore have a Non-Profit organization on board which function between our earthy gardens and soulful kitchen.


Our loving garden is a paradise of healing and aromatic plants it is the presence that weaves all our activities into splendid rhythm. Our Mind/Body/Spirit philosophy is “From the Good Earth” and is reflected in everything we offer.

Simplicity is key and reflects from our decor to shine the light on our natural surroundings, all the way to the delightful organic kitchen where we boast our own organically grown detox juices and fresh and healthy menu to our guests.


Our Community Training Program is embedded into our kitchen and garden as one entity. Here we teach skills on perma-culture farming principles, vegetable and container gardening and our produce translates into our kitchen where everything so fresh and tender is used with the same love and care to create simple dishes singing from the plate.


For us cookery is not so much about the strict adherence to rigid principles, but rather a practical way of feeling more connected with our surroundings through the food we eat. In our modern pace of life it is easy to feel confused by nutrition and about what constitutes a ‘healthy diet.’

Our approach is one of gentleness in using our immediate environment and the changes within the seasons to guide us in making more informed choices about the ingredients we select and the cookery techniques employed in the kitchen.


Our halaal kitchen has a strong emphases on mouth-watering vegetarian dishes, smoothies and juices with healthy choices in abundance but never compromising on quality and ‘yumminess’.


We teach hands-on and seasonal cookery at the Wellness and Beauty Co. We combine Western nutrition with Eastern healing philosophies to create sensational meals with a strong emphasis on how to live in greater harmony with nature. This philosophy is what shines though in our kitchen.


You feel happier, lighter, refreshed and energised when you have been nourished by our wellness café.

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“Happy, Health Beautiful