The Greatest Tool of Self-Love is Self-Awareness. Once you truly know Yourself,

Love is the only option

We provide you with the platform of choice and variety to find the right combination to celebrate your uniqueness and the right people that speak to you.

The Wellness & Beauty Co has a “retreat” feel for anyone to join in, learn and enjoy. Herbal Teas, Purified water and juices are served all day long.


There is a gentle camaraderie between guests and staff and laughter is the language spoken most.

We host an annual Workshops Calendar. We invite groups and individuals and are open as a venue to host your own retreat or workshop.


Our facilities include:


  • 2 Fully Furnished Treatment Rooms,
  • A Furnished Consulting Room,
  • Day Spa,
  • Hairdresser,
  • Nail Studio,
  • Yoga Studio, and Workshop Venue,
  • Open Kitchen geared for Cooking Classes and beautiful relaxing gardens, with organic produce for the kitchen.


As much as The Wellness & Beauty Co tempts the body to get moving, we also encourage quiet and refreshing interludes. All rooms are large and spacious for quiet reflection.

Spa treatments can be enjoyed in groups in the garden, or in one of our peaceful treatment rooms. Health consultations can be arranged with any of the Specialists on the panel associated with our Company.

We are proud to be associated with a trusted Spa Group offering treatments to our guests which ensures only the finest organic ingredients are used to feed your skin during one of our Spa Treatments.


All staff and therapists at The Wellness & Beauty Co embrace a balanced lifestyle and therefore will have the understanding required to treat our guests in a loving and gentle approach.